Traditional Romance(Adewale And The Beautiful Slave)

Finding true love for most African men is harder than mining for gold…

Sometimes I can’t help wondering ‘must it be this hard?’…

As a mummy’s boy, Adewale grew up seeing his father as a king and his mother whom he loved a lot as a servant instead of a queen, even though they were not a royal family,

and he didn’t know so much to ask questions as that was the traditional norm.

The mummy practically ran the whole show in the house, while the daddy’s sole responsibility was to provide for the family.

The unverbalized but obvious reality was that ‘it was a taboo for the father to lend a helping hand with house chores’.

So, even though Adewale loved his mother so much, and his mother loved him so dearly too being the only son, his mother couldn’t prepare him for the world out there because she didn’t know any better either, and the tradition of ‘men are superior to women’ didn’t help matters too.

Now, even though Adewale went to school and graduated from a good University, he couldn’t compromise his desire to marry a ‘beautiful slave’ soon enough.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t find one he loved from his village, so he was left with no option than find this ‘beautiful slave’ from the society he now found himself which is totally different from the one which conditioned him.

The big problem;

To be continued…


Now, In 2020 I and my team organized a valentine hangout for married and singles…

The experience was out of this world as couples had the opportunity to reconnect like never before, rekindling their romance…

The singles were not left out as they had the opportunity of learning how to find true love and sustain a marriage relationship.

The testimonies from the event has kept people asking about the 2021 version.

Now We’re Here…

When last did you take your wife out to an amazing treat at almost no cost? Welcome to the 2021 valentine hangout

This valentine’s hangout is deliberately planned to be exceptional…

Guess what…! It’s going to be a valentine’s dinner at Protea Hotel Ikeja… I just heard someone exclaimed ‘WOW!!!’


We’re very intentional about rekindling the romance in your relationships… What excuse could you possibly have to not participate when we have planned everything for you just like you’d want it?

Date is 14th February.

Time is 4pm WAT.

Yes!!! You’d like this one;

Business and Money Coach Bisi Akintayo who has trained over 10,000 people who are making waves in their businesses in the e-commerce and digital marketing world today will be there live.

The great Coach Tosin will be there live too to bring a spark to our relationship and mindsets.

The world changer, our beloved Mind & Affirmation Queen will be on board to reframe our minds to create the world that we truly desire to see.

You too will be on board, but only if you register on time as we have limited slots.

Finally, all participants will also get a free 15min booking session on ‘goals clarity’ with the Mind & Affirmation Queen on how to crush your 2021 goals seamlessly.

That’s not all;

All participants will also enjoy 50% discount on all my products.

So much has gone into this to make it an unforgettable experience for you and your spouse.

Instead of the actual cost of N50,000, You’re getting all these for a highly discounted cost of just N10,000 per person, and N18,000 for couples only if you pay before February 5th, after which cost will return to actual price of N50,000.

Imagine missing an appointment with the queen of England, that’s what you miss if you miss this event.

Account Details: 0050932730, Bukola Lukan, Gtbank. AND Send payment details or screenshot to +2348135233259

Call/Chat +2348135233259

P:S A hangout dinner like this can heal your relationship forever.

Bukola Lukan



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